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You can test your vikingknowledge on this page by answering ten questions.
Except for glory there is nothing to win, although .............

1. What is the name of the piece of wood on which the sail of a viking ship is fastened ?
a. Ra
b. Gaff
c. Gig


The right side of a ship is called starboard.
This name comes from ?
a. Chinese ships
b. Egyptian ships
c. Viking ships

Where is the original Oseberg ship found ?
  a. Norway, the neighbourhood of the city of Trondheim
b. Norway, the neighbourhood of the city of Bergen
c. Norway, the neighbourhood of the city of Oslo

Where have the Vikings never been ?
  a. New Foundland
b. Mediterranean Sea
c. Black Sea
d. None of the above, the Vikings have been in all

Who is buried on the Oseberg ship ?
  a. Queen Aasa
b. Queen Elisabeth
c. King Rudrod

What kind of wood are viking ships mostly made of ?
a. Oak
b. Birch
c. Fir

Which part of a viking ship will touch the ground first ?
  a. The bow
b. The rudder
c. The keel

What means the name Orm in Norwegian ?
a. Snake
b. Shark
c. Eagle


500 years before Columbus north America was discovered.
What's the name of the viking who landed in north America in the year 1000 ?
  a. Harald Finehair
b. Leif Ericson
c. Halfdan

What was the name of the big Swedish viking trade center ?
  a. Dorrestad
b. Haitebu
c. Birka

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